Friday, April 6, 2012

magic (jelly) beans

I wanted to bring a little something to a party that we are going to tomorrow.  When I saw this idea, I knew it was perfect.  Basically you give a child a magic bean ( a jelly bean) and have them "plant" it in some Easter grass and the next morning the bean is gone and a lollipop has grown in its place!  I found some flower lollipops at the party store and knew they would be perfect.  I put the magic bean, tiny pot and some Easter grass in a glass bunny dish and wrapped it in cellophane.  I will give the lollipop and directions to the parents.  I am going to make them with my own children too. This is my last Easter post so I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday. I hope that you will come back next week when I will begin to share details from my daughter's birthday.  She is going to be six on Wednesday!
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