Thursday, April 12, 2012

cake pops

For school, my daughter requested hello kitty cake pops for her birthday snack.  Since this was my first time making cake pops I went to the guru herself, Bakerella, for directions.  I still had trouble.  At first I made the cake pops too big and every time I tried to dip them in the chocolate they fell off the stick.  Then I ran out of sticks!  So, I bought new sticks and made them smaller. It worked much better.  My daughter decided she wanted milk chocolate kitty's (instead of white) but the black food writer pen did not show up on the dark chocolate so I wasn't able to add the details for the eyes and whiskers.  I think you can still tell that they resemble hello kitty.  My daughter was thrilled with the end result and really appreciated all the effort that I put into making them.  I put a pink bow and some ribbon on her pop stick to make it extra special.  I made this cake pop stand using some Styrofoam, some scrapbook paper, and a box frame.
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