Thursday, October 25, 2012

pre school play date

This morning was my son's pre school play date.  He invited a handful of his friends over from school for some crafts and snacks.  I served popcorn, ghost boo-nanas, mini caramel apples, pumpkin doughnut muffins and clementines.  We had orange milk, cider and mummy juice boxes.  I also had hot cider on the stove for all of the mom's.

I used white duct tape and eyes to make the juice boxes into mummy's.  I put them in galvanized window boxes that are hanging on the deck.

For activities the kids decorated pumpkin shaped sugar cookies, glittered pumpkins and tried to eat pumpkin doughnuts on a string without using their hands. I also put some halloween toys (spider rings, plastic bats, etc) in the sand box for them to find.

 I also put out the dress up box and a mirror outside and that was a big hit with the four year old crowd.

      And the favors were the orange jello play dough and pumpkin cookie cutters.  It was a very fun morning and my son was delighted to share the fun with his friends. 

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  1. Nina, this is adorable! You don't need a costume for Halloween- you're super-mom!I am going to do some of this for Reegan. And I recognize that Spiderman mask!!

    1. Thanks, Kelli! You are so sweet. Finn LOVES his Spiderman mask! Great gift. hope you guys have a Happy Halloween and that we can all get together soon!



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