Tuesday, October 30, 2012

that's a wrap

We are feeling very blessed that we never lost power and have minimal damage to our property after "Frankenstorm."  Since I am assuming that Halloween is still a go in our neighborhood I put together a few more treats.  I know I'll be busy tomorrow so I thought I would post my "that's a wrap" post today instead.  I found the eyeball chocolates at the grocery store.  The girls used them to decorate their candy pumpkins and I put the rest of them in a glassine bag.  We made a card with lots of googly eyes and my daughter wrote "eye hope you have a fun Halloween" on the card.  The second gift is for the family that is hosting us for trick or treating.  It is the ingredients and recipe for pumpkin pie martinis.  I hope that all of my readers have a very Happy and safe Halloween tomorrow. 

On another note, my son's Halloween play date is going to be featured on Apartment Therapy today.  Check it out here.  Yay!
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