Saturday, October 27, 2012

tiny treats

Yesterday was my daughters doll Halloween play date.  The idea for this play date came from this book that she was given for her birthday last year.  All of the dolls got a bat mask when they arrived.

For the crafts the girls made lollipop ghosts.  Big ones for themselves and mini ones for their dolls.

They also used candy to decorate tiny pumpkins.

There was also a dress up area for the dolls.

 I made tiny doll sized sugar cookies.  I put them in little bags and tied them with twine.
The girls and thier dolls played bingo.  They used candy corn for the markers.
They watched "Eloise's Rather Unusual Halloween" and we served popcorn with candy corn.  I was lucky enough to find popcorn containers in two sizes. 
The girls and their dolls played a mini version of pin the spider on the web.

In addition to taking home all of the crafts the dolls also got to pick their own trick-or-treat bag.  Inside we tucked some tiny bags of gummy bears. 


 The girls had pizza and boo-nilla milkshakes for dinner.  Since it was a lovely evening we ended the play date with some fun outside in the dark.  The girls all got glow necklaces and had fun running around and jumping in leaves.  This was definitely one of my favorite parties to plan.  I love the idea of finding things in doll sizes. 

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  1. Love it Nina...those bat masks are so cute!

    1. Thank you, Alexis! The masks actually came with the doll party book/kit. :)



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